I’m Alison – I write, I edit, and I collaborate with colleagues to create excellent text/copy/prose.

I currently live in Edmonton, AB (Amiskwaciy-waskahikan, or Beaver Hills House in Cree). For architecture buffs, the shot above is from the Toronto Reference Library. See below for some testimonials from clients.


Glen Huser, Author

I love writing and I’ve always considered myself lucky getting pieces that I care about into the hands of publishers who have been supportive and nurturing. Part of that support has been assigning me topnotch editors. With “Coffee Boys,” Alison made a number of suggestions that spurred me to craft revisions that amplified the text while never compromising the heart of the story. 

Matthew Harris, Author

Alison is every writer’s dream: an editor who really tries to ‘get’ your story. This means that when Alison provides feedback, it is both enthusiastic about your point of view and committed to the goal of pushing your writing to the next level. The parts of my story, “Making the Night,” that some people positively reacted to the most were the ones Alison helped me think about more deeply. I’d definitely recommend Alison to any writer, but particularly to any queer writer who has felt they received confusing or mysterious notes from non-queer editors.

Emilia Nielsen, Author

Alison proofread the final proof of my scholarly book when I was presented with an impossible deadline to do so myself. The e-book and second print run will benefit from her editorial eye as she caught things that slipped past the in-house services provided by my publisher (as proofreading is no longer a required step for many scholarly publishers.) I’d recommend her services to other academics who find themselves in my position!

via Chloë Taylor, Author & Editor

Chloë: I wanted to share this with you:

<BTW, I LOVE this copyeditor (words I never thought I would say!).>

Alison: haha, I know right? What can I say? I love what I do!


Prose Editor, Plenitude Magazine

2019 – 2020

Selected fiction and nonfiction submissions to be published; provided feedback to authors to improve logic, arc, etc. of each prose submission; upheld the mandate of the publication; maintained publishing schedule.

Patron Services, Canadian Opera Company


Provided five-star service to patrons of the Canadian Opera and the National Ballet. Wore a wristwatch, as per company protocol, and always carried a pen and paper;)

Reviews Editor at Plenitude Magazine

2020 – 2021

Selected titles to be reviewed; paired appropriate authors with appropriate titles in new and interesting ways with the intention of contributing lively critique to contemporary review culture. Worked with authors to craft critical review essays; upheld the mandate of the publication; maintained publishing schedule.

Service Professional, Red Ox Inn Restaurant

2015 – 2018

Provided memorable dining experiences to patrons of this destination Edmonton establishment through extensive culinary and wine knowledge and commitment to excellence.

Let’s make something together.

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